Health & Nutrition

Body Success offers health nutrition and wellness assessments ranging from general health checks to full body analysis including but not limited to:

Body Fat Testing
Bone Density Testing
Blood Pressure Testing
Back Care
Diet Evaluation
Muscular Skeletal Evaluation

    Full physical examinations can include the cardiovascular and respiratory systems.

    Nutrition is a major factor as poor diet leads to fatigue and low energy levels. Body Success has a fully qualified Nutritionist who will advise you on the needed changes to your lifestyle.

    Naturopathy is a wholistic medicine that takes into consideration the physical, mental & emotional aspects of each individual and involves treatment of the whole person.

    Our Naturopathic consultation involves a detailed health assessment and case history. It also includes various diagnostic techniques such as Iridology, Tongue and Nail analysis.

    Treatments include nutritional supplements, herbal medicines, homoeopathy, flower essences, dietary and life-style advice. Recommendations are tailored to suit individual needs encouraging each person towards a happier and healthy life.